Various fonts i've drawn.
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2021-05-29 00:33sqaps: finish porting every sqaps glyph to sqaps9Léo Villeveygoux1+1443-903
2021-02-13 05:17sqaps: adding/tweaking glyphs to the 9px versionLéo Villeveygoux1+6455-4025
2021-02-10 02:02sqaps: first version of a 9px high sqapsLéo Villeveygoux1+29426-0
2020-05-11 04:29Add a basic image for each font.Léo Villeveygoux4+6-0
2020-05-11 03:21sqaps: add outline (vector) versionLéo Villeveygoux2+52005-0
2020-05-11 add sqaps descriptionLéo Villeveygoux1+30-1
2020-05-11 02:50sqaps: first versionLéo Villeveygoux1+16367-0
2020-05-11 add 3x6 descriptionLéo Villeveygoux1+16-0
2020-05-11 02:303x6: add latin-1, box drawing, and moreLéo Villeveygoux1+4240-40
2020-05-11 02:293x6: first version, ASCII onlyLéo Villeveygoux1+1099-0
2020-05-11 create, add sqreep descriptionLéo Villeveygoux1+35-0
2020-05-11 01:36sqreep: change accents again, tweek symbolsLéo Villeveygoux1+2725-2707
2020-05-11 01:33sqreep: v3, change accents, update/add symbolsLéo Villeveygoux1+2765-2765
2020-05-11 01:23sqreep: v2, add a lot of charsLéo Villeveygoux1+10035-2946
2020-05-11 01:12sqreep: first versionLéo Villeveygoux1+11049-0