Various fonts i've drawn.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,35 @@ +My fonts +======== + +These are the font I've designed using mostly `gbdfed`. + +sqreep +------ + +This font started as a fork of [creep], but I ended up replacing most glyphs. +Only the braille pattern and maybe a few symbols remain for creep. + +It's a monospaced bitmap font, with (almost) only vertical and horizontal lines. +This gives it a lovely square look, and kills silly diagonal pixels. + +The character cell is 6×12 pixels. + +It maps unicodes characters, including: +- all ASCII +- latin-1 +- latin extended A +- basic (unaccented) greek +- most of general punctuation +- a few arrows +- some mathematical operators +- line and box drawing characters +- everything in misc symbols (why?) +- circled digits and a few more dingbats +- braille patterns from sqreep +- misc stuff in private area, also from sqreep +- ẞ, €, and more! + +This is the first font I made for daily use. +I used it and enjoyed it for a while, before drawing **sqaps**. + +[creep]: