Various fonts i've drawn.
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My fonts

These are the font I've designed using mostly gbdfed.


sqaps image

This is my curent (2020) main everyday font.

It is a 5×7 pixels, square, small caps font. I guess I could say it's opinionated? It's unique anyways.

It contains:


sqreep image

This font started as a fork of creep, but I ended up replacing most glyphs. Only the braille pattern and maybe a few symbols remain for creep.

It's a monospaced bitmap font, with (almost) only vertical and horizontal lines. This gives it a lovely square look, and kills silly diagonal pixels.

The character cell is 6×12 pixels.

It maps unicodes characters, including:

This is the first font I made for daily use. I used it and enjoyed it for a while, before drawing sqaps.


3x6 image

A tiny monospaced, 3×6 pixels font. Not exactly the most readable (especially for lat-1), but I like to have such a font sometimes.

It includes: