A x86 32bits native fantazy console.
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2017-07-23 18:15draw.asm: don't reserve buffer size to reduce .bin sizeLéo Villeveygoux1+1-1
2017-07-23 18:08draw.asm: add visual radius marker in palette modeLéo Villeveygoux1+45-0
2017-07-23 17:13draw.asm: ajust radius in palette modeLéo Villeveygoux1+30-2
2017-07-21 17:22draw.asm: thickness aware point drawing functionLéo Villeveygoux1+49-7
2017-07-09 18:02draw.asm: use byte registers to handle coord wrapLéo Villeveygoux1+4-4
2017-07-09 17:57draw.asm: change colors with left/right in palette modeLéo Villeveygoux1+23-9
2017-07-07 18:33draw.asm: make color selection a togglable modeLéo Villeveygoux1+137-55
2017-06-30 18:36draw.asm: add palette selector guiLéo Villeveygoux1+56-3
2017-06-30 17:43draw.asm: fix drawing and add crossLéo Villeveygoux1+62-6
2017-06-23 18:24Add draw.asmLéo Villeveygoux1+78-0
2017-06-23 17:41.gitignore: ignore install.listLéo Villeveygoux1+2-0
2017-06-21 16:57Makefile: add install/uninstall rulesLéo Villeveygoux1+14-0
2017-06-18 22:36test.asm: use edx instead of ebxLéo Villeveygoux1+27-27
2017-06-18 21:24test.asm: show use of colors, coords, inputLéo Villeveygoux1+98-18
2017-06-16 16:42add platform media support with SDLLéo Villeveygoux5+203-7
2017-06-16 15:39cleanup: create function, remove magic value, …Léo Villeveygoux2+21-12
2017-06-16 15:13add a .gitignoreLéo Villeveygoux1+5-0
2017-06-16 15:12better MakefileLéo Villeveygoux1+4-2
2017-06-16 15:04more precise binary layoutLéo Villeveygoux3+40-14
2017-06-16 13:04just a binary code loader at the momentLéo Villeveygoux3+67-0
2017-06-16 09:26add mem mapping descriptionLéo Villeveygoux1+26-0