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README: clarify some cons

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -149,15 +149,24 @@ Cons ---- - Not suitable for large repositories (2000+ commits), because diffstats are - an expensive operation. + an expensive operation, the cache (-c flag) is a workaround for this in + some cases. +- Not suitable for large repositories with many files, because all files are + written for each execution of stagit. This is because stagit shows the lines + of textfiles and there is no "cache" for file metadata (this would add more + complexity to the code). - Not suitable for repositories with many branches, a quite linear history is assumed (from HEAD). + + In these cases it is better to just use cgit or possibly change stagit to + run as a CGI program. + - Relatively slow to run the first time (about 3 seconds for sbase, 1500+ commits), incremental updates are faster. - Does not support some of the dynamic features cgit has, like: - - snapshot tarballs. - - file tree per commit. - - history log of branches diverged from HEAD. - - stats (git shortlog -s). + - Snapshot tarballs per commit. + - File tree per commit. + - History log of branches diverged from HEAD. + - Stats (git shortlog -s). - this is by design, just use git locally. + This is by design, just use git locally.