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commit 00fb6ea2b00a036a91e24cb979c73f40e47283d2
parent f96ac27087ae28112f78ef51ef3907104a8d72bf
Author: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
Date:   Sun,  3 Jan 2016 22:42:00 +0100

fix link in stagit-index, update documentation, add TODO

MTODO | 6+++++-
Mstagit-index.c | 2+-
Mstagit.1 | 4+++-
3 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/TODO b/TODO @@ -2,9 +2,13 @@ performance: - optimize git_diff_get_stats. - speed up generating files. +cleanup: +- simplify writebranches and writetags, just use git_reference_*, + it should kill some lines. + layout: - make top menu look nicer in links/lynx again. -- show tags in log. +? show tags in log. documentation: - improve mandoc pages. diff --git a/stagit-index.c b/stagit-index.c @@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ writelog(FILE *fp) fputs("<tr><td><a href=\"", fp); xmlencode(fp, name, strlen(name)); - fputs("/log.html\">", fp); + fputs("/log/HEAD.html\">", fp); xmlencode(fp, name, strlen(name)); fputs("</a></td><td>", fp); xmlencode(fp, description, strlen(description)); diff --git a/stagit.1 b/stagit.1 @@ -17,9 +17,11 @@ to the current directory. The following files will be written: Atom XML feed .It files.html List of files in the latest HEAD commit, linking to the file. -.It log.html +.It log/HEAD.html List of commits in order of most recent to old of the commits (top to bottom), each commit links to a page with a diff and diffstat of the commit. +.It refs.html +Lists references of the repository such as branches and tags. .El .Pp For each file in HEAD a file will be written in the format: